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Drying - preventing wrinkles


A good drying result can be obtained by taking the following precautions:

Fill the tumble dryer correctly
The Electrolux Professional Laundry international standard recommends the following: 1 kg of garments for every 25 litres of drum volume for a 100% cotton load.

For loads of mixed blends of garments a higher ratio is recommended to avoid wrinkling.

Consider the nature of the textile to be dried, i.e. study whether the laundry is made of pure cotton, a poly/cotton blend or otherwise.

A cool-down period will provide an anti-creasing effect. If the tumble dryer stops the moment the drying ends, the garments will still be hot and consequently wrinkle. Cooling the garments will avoid wrinkling.

However, when the garments are cooled down, they will still become creased if left in the tumble dryer. To prevent this, the MP control offers an anti-crease function. The drum rotates a few times at regular intervals for one hour after the drying cycle has stopped. As a result, wrinkling is avoided.

Dust-free and disinfected garments
The tumble drying process removes all fluff from the garments due to the mechanical action. This is an advantage for people who are allergic to dust.

Thanks to a drying temperature above 60ºC the drying process also disinfects the garments.